Copyright law

While some people believe that copyright law restricts creativity, this essay supports intellectual property protection and suggests that society would function poorly without it. This essay will analyze the idea by using examples such as revenue generation and the importance of law.

Firstly, creativity is encouraged by some famous websites such as Sony, iTunes and Youtube. This may be due to the fact that it helps them to generate money through exposures, advertisements and links selling. For example, a recent study by a Hollywood musical department showed that 500 million dollars was earned by iTunes and YouTube by enforcing copyright associated fees. Therefore, it can be observed that by permitting the new version of original material, it incentivises creativity to generate money.

Secondly,.in order to save the original art frame such rules and regulations are necessary. This is because individuals would be free to copy another's work and took all credit himself.This will reduce the enthusiasm of creators and reduce productivity. For instance, a study by world musical association showed that, in the USA, a famous culture band JAL lost around 100 million dollars to piracy. However, by blocking all reuse, people must all out new art frame,new audiences,new distribution channels and new revenue streams. As a result, it is seen that protocols are prominent for providing safety of artist's emotions but spreading joy through technology is much worthy.

Conclusion, I firmly believe that creativity should be rewarded in order to obtain experience, spread joy and earn money. However, websites must not allow vulgar creativity on internet.

Task 1

The bar chart shows the proportions of total calorie intake of UK males of three age groups from four energy sources: dairy, meat, pulses,and vegetables.

Overall. It can be seen from the chat that calorie intake from all sources varies with different age groups. Nevertheless, vegetables were eaten least frequently.

Although calorie intake from dairy products was more than two fifths of the total in the age group 0-24, it was around 20% among people who were aged 25-49, and 15% for those who were over 50. In addition, around half of the calories consumed by those aged 25-49 were from meat, while for the other age groups it comprised roughly one fifth.

Moreover, those under 25 years old and those aged 25-49 ate pulses at ratios of 18% and 10% respectively, whereas nearly two thirds of energy was taken by older people from pulses. Although eating vegetables was common in the youngest group, this was lower for each subsequent age group.

Two More!

Some people are of the opinion that the development of technology should be unrestricted and that humans should constantly adjust to emerging devices, whereas others believe that new technologies should only be developed according to existing human need and ability. This essay advocates the latter opinion since new devices will be ignored by the masses if they are not user-friendly; I will support the argument by exploring well-known examples of iPhones and software which both have friendly interfaces adjusted to the human hand for intuitive use and functionality, encouraging intellectual development.

Successful technology should be designed to accommodate people’s abilities. Even the most novel ideas can be popularised given that they are user-friendly. For example, according to Steve Jobs, the popularity of the iPhone was the result of the intuitive interface that is sensitive to finger movements which allows a user immediate access to a variety of useful functions, including browsing the Internet. Therefore, it is much more important for technological developments to be adjusted to human abilities rather than create difficulties concerning usability, lest new inventions go unadopted.

Despite the fact that the digital technology era has simplified some difficult intellectual tasks, it provides even more means for people to utilise their mental abilities. Modern software, for instance, comprises of tools which can be used in order to train logical thinking and memory in children; similar benefits are also observed in older age. A recent study conducted by the Australian Medical Association shows that people over 70 who play computer games using virtual reality glasses maintain their short term memory and processing skills longer than those who do not employ the PC for any tasks. Thus, it is clear that technologies are not detrimental but rather beneficial for fostering cognitive development.

It can be concluded that ideal technologies should be adjusted to consumers’ needs without creating  problems in their usage and it is agreed that developments in the digital world offer tools which can expand the intellectual potential rather than confine it.

The bar chart provides information on the predicted number of visitors from Mexico, Canada and the USA in 2018 to four capital cities in Europe, namely London, Paris, Madrid and Istanbul.

As can be seen from the chart, travellers from the USA will be most active with the highest number of visitors Paris. The least total number of visitors to Europe is expected to come from Mexico, and the half of them are projected to travel to Madrid.

In 2018, there are thought to be 100,000 people from the USA who will visit Paris. London will attract 80,000 Americans, whereas Madrid and Istanbul will welcome 70 and 60 thousand respectively. In contrast, Istanbul will be the most popular attraction for tourists originating from Canada (70,000), followed by the other destinations receiving between 30,000 and 50,000 Canadian travellers. The lowest predicted number of tourists to London, Paris and Istanbul will arrive from Mexico, although they will show more interest in visiting Madrid (about 60,000).

International Marketing

Some people perceive international marketing to be invasive and intrusive into the target country, while others consider it a necessity in order to affordably spread ideas and culture all over the world. This essay advocates global marketing but cautions that it must be employed respectfully. Both sides of the argument shall be discussed in more detail below.

On the one hand, it is true that international marketing can be seen as invasive. Indeed, lately, international brands have gained a significant share of local markets, putting small local producers in danger. In the fashion industry, brands such as Bershka, Pull and Bear and Zara can be found in almost every mall in the world. Since the arrival of these brands in Romania, fewer people are buying from the Romanian hand-made producers, who cannot compete with the low prices of these brands. The closure of domestic enterprise could easily be perceived as cultural erosion from the perspective of the native people.

On the other hand, others emphasize the advantages of this type of marketing. They see the opportunity for culture sharing and open-mindness. In fact, the products made in one country carry with them the culture of the originating country. For instance, in the 1980’s, Coca-cola, an American brand, became prevalent in Europe. Notwithstanding the fact that it was only a soda, it brought to Europe the “American Dream”. For French people, it was a way of tasting the American culture. This exposure to foreign cultures at no cost would have been impossible before international marketing.

To sum up, international marketing has its downsides, as the global brands can sometimes endanger local businesses. But in the meantime, it is a way of sharing our culture around the globe and by doing so, discovering new mindsets or ways of living on a day-to-day basis.

Education and Spending!

Traditional schooling is out of date, boring and stifles a child’s natural talents, various professionals have pushed for an education revolution. Are there alternatives in the education system? Is traditional education doing more harm than good?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Although many conservative people say that conventional schools are beneficial to society, I believe that the educational system needs modernization as many students find it uninteresting and suppressing of their natural proclivities. In this essay I will discuss both points using examples from Canadian schools  and  Jordan.

The teacher centered educational method is sometimes tedious for students as it failing to engage them in the learning process and resultantly stifles their skills. The  result is that many students have low academic abilities and poor exam results. For example, a recent study by the government of Jordan in 2012 found that 70% of students who finish high school have low final grades. Therefore, the conventional method of teaching has a negative impact on the professional future of students and on society in general.

The modern educational system could adapt new technology to create a fun environment that makes student eager to come to school and enjoy learning. By introducing the internet and digital media into schools, students will learn where to find the right knowledge and how to digest it with help from their teachers. For instance, a study done by the educational board in Canada in 2016  showed that students in schools which use digital programs such as RAZKIDS and Dream box, which help students in reading and learning math, have 50% higher achievement in tests compared to other schools students. As a consequence of creating a more engaging curriculum, student abilities in reading and math improved significantly.

In conclusion, from the example and arguments given, I firmly believe that following an updated educational system would have positive implications for the student’s creative abilities and intellectual capacity. In future, the adaptation of modern educational system into schools will only increase.


Summarise the information by selecting and report in the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. Write at least 150 words.

The three pie charts present data about local authority spending on six areas in three regions of the UK in 2014.

Overall, the largest proportion of spending in all three regions was on leisure and education, whereas spending on social services and community care fluctuated depending on the region. Contributions to environment were almost the same in all regions.

Looking at the details, the largest spending in Derbyshire was on leisure at nearly one third; education comprised one quarter of expenditure, whereas almost nothing was allocated to social services. The other two areas had similar distributions of around 10%. Yorkshire and Lancashire had a broadly similar pattern of spending, whereby allocation for education was just above one third. Leisure’s share stood at around 25%, whereas the other four areas had nearly identical contributions.

Nice Try!

Some people argue that international marketing negatively affects local markets, but others view it as a necessary tool to explore the cultures of other countries. It is seen as essential to educate people about new ideas and inventions. This essay advocates global marketing, but will discuss how it can be seen as invasive as well as how it is perceived by many as an educational tool.


To begin with, a new product is designed, manufactured and known by marketing at a worldwide level. Global marketing can be in the form of advertising which is shown on many commercial channels on TV and internet search engines. With the information which is supplied, the customers can quickly assess the products' value in a variety of way. Nowadays, people can quickly update themselves on the specific qualifications of the newest technical item such as the iPhone or iPad. This indicates that global adverts help them to make their desire into reality.


In addition, multinational marketing helps to connect people from different cultures. In this regard, it works as an educational tool. These promotions bring knowledge of the culture, language and history of one country to other countries which would otherwise have no access to it. In a USA College’s research about the 20th century’s cultural awareness strategy, it is found that over 70% of respondents have high regard to statics of minority community in Asia such as Mongolia, Malaysia, and Cambodia. It is clear that the diversity of that information is precious and necessary for many people. Doing successful that issue cannot be possible without marketing at the global level.


In conclusion, I believe that international marketing has positive contribution both on individual aspect and societal perspective as a whole. It is foreseen that this will be hugely beneficial to all nation in the coming future.



Should humans adapt to technology or should technology adapt to us? Is technology making us intellectually weaker or more intelligent?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Although some people are of the opinion that new devices, machinery or applications should be designed according to our needs, I believe humans should reshape their lives to follow emerging technologies through learning as it helps to broaden our horizons and develop new skills. In this essay I will discuss how adapting to technology can improve intellectual potential using examples from the educational field and media to demonstrate points and support arguments.

Firstly, through the modification of people’s lifestyles according to new technological developments, they improve significantly. Nowadays, there are many companies and smartphones applications which reduce communications between people. For instance, by facebook, Skype and  whatsapp people can enjoy real time calls for a fraction of the cost compared to older technologies. Therefore, by following modern technology human life becomes easier.

Secondly, new technology encourages scientists and talented individuals to create new devices, machines or applications which better serves humanity. Take for example, a study by university of Alberta in 2013 which showed that by the introduction of computers and the internet into the curricula of medical schools, many of the students were able to develop new devices such as the pulse oxy-meter. As a consequence, new technology has improved student intellectual capacity.

In conclusion, from the example and arguments given, I firmly believe that mankind should follow new developments in science to encourage creativity and improve lives. In future, new developments in science will only increase.


Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, make comparisons where relevant. Write at least 150 words.

The bar chart shows data about how many visitors from Mexico, Canada and USA are expected to visit four cities in 2018.

Overall, what stand out of the graph is that the largest number of expected travelers to most of the four cities will be from the USA. Additionally, Paris is projected to attract the highest number of USA visitors than any other city.

Looking at the details regarding London, the predicted number of visitor from the USA is 80 thousand which is four times the number from Mexico, while those from Canada stand at 50 thousand. Mexico is suspected to contribute 25 thousand visitors to Paris in 2018, which is half the number of foreseen visitors from Canada and one fourth those from the USA. By contrast, the largest number of prospective  travelers to Istanbul will be from Canada at 70 thousand, while the number from the USA stands at 60 thousand, which is triple the number of those from Mexico. Finally, the probable number of tourists from the USA and Mexico to Madrid is almost the same at around 65 thousand, whereas as many as 25 thousand Canadian visitors will visit Madrid in 2018.

International Marketing

Here's your question:

International marketing is sometimes seen as invasive and an intrusion into the country in question. Others argue that it is a necessary and economical form of education in addition to spreading ideas, language and culture.


International advertisements is often thought to be an important way of disseminating culture, language and values; however, it may seem invasive to the receiving nation. This essay advocates international marketing for its beneficial effects, but cautions that it should be carefully managed. Both views will be explored further below before a reasoned conclusion is drawn.

Proponents often cite that global marketing is valuable since it spreads ideas, languages and cultures to countries that may otherwise find it difficult to access such information. For impoverished nations, exposure to foreign cultures can be the inspiration to pursue a more international life. For example, a child in Gabon who regularly sees English language advertisements may acquire some language proficiency, increasing the likelihood that they will pass an exam such as IELTS as an adult. Global advertising promotes the idea of unity and allows people to see how the rest of the world lives at the expense of the advertiser.

However, this advertisement must respect the other country’s values, culture and people. History is full of examples that ignoring this may present serious issues, sometimes culminating in war or genocide. One of the saddest examples was Nazi propaganda, led by Heimlich Himmler, that promoted the supremacy of arians and stimulated the execution of other ethnicities.

In conclusion, international marketing is an advisable practice for countries interested on the wellbeing of its people,  however sensitivity is required when broadcasting in the receiving nation.


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing in response to the advert for the Financial Analyst position, as seen on the Indeed website on 20/11/2017.

You can find my CV attached to this cover letter for your perusal.

PepsiCo is a well-known company with a presence in many countries around the world. I would like to receive the opportunity to show my wide knowledge in finance as well as my efficient budget modelling capabilities.

I am a very helpful, reliable and cheerful professional who always achieves his goals.

I have worked for many retail companies such as HomeSentry, Costco, Target, and even the Coca Cola Company. During my last year in university I developed a new financial model; afterwards, I applied it in several industries. I have always worked as a financial analyst, beginning as a junior analyst and progressing to a senior position in only five years.

If you need any further information about my background, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you in advance.

Yours faithfully,

Alejandro Espinosa

The issue of whether technology should only be developed according to people’s necessities, or whether humans should adapt to whatever developments it brings has become more relevant over the last two decades. This essay advocates that technological advances should be developed only when the need arises since dependency can drastically reduce intellectual capacity. Studies from Javeriana University and Apple will be employed to support arguments.

Firstly, each new electronic device should be created to solve a particular problem. This is the main reason why scientists and innovators, year on year, are creating new robots to make humans life easier. The US, Japan, and even Colombia are working hard to develop new products for common wellness. For instance, recent studies from Apple have shown that almost 95% of new technology is easy adaptable to people. As a consequence, many benefits are coming with technology advances.

Secondly, nowadays, new advanced devices are resulting in a lazy population which does not have to remember basic things such as telephone numbers, emails and addresses. This is because smartphones, tablets, and even watches are replacing some parts of our brain. Recent studies from Javeriana University indicate that the average human’s memory ability has decreased by almost 15% since the year 2000. Therefore, the majority of people need these kinds of devices to do a simple call because they do not remember their relative’s phone number.

To conclude, I strongly believe that technology helps humans in some ways, however, we need to uphold some of our abilities by only developing devices that are absolutely necessary. It is widely believed that other skills will be affected in the short-term.


Task 1 academic

The bar graph shows the number of new and secondhand cars sold in seven different villages during the year 2013.

Overall, it can be seen that there was a higher number of sales in secondhand cars in the majority of the villages shown.

The highest number of cars was sold in Holmfirth in 2013, with 650 secondhand car sales and 544 new car sales. The village with a second largest number of sales was Meitham with 611 secondhand cars and  455 new cars sold.

By contrast, the graph demonstrates that the two villages with the lowest number of car sales were Netherthong and Netherton. In Netherthong there were 177 new cars sold as well as 233 secondhand cars. In Netherton there was only a slight difference between the two; the number of new car sales was 95 and for secondhand cars it was 120.

Only at longly farm can it be seen that the number between new and secondhand car sales remains stable during the year 2013.

Task 2

In modern times, it has been noticed that pollution is increasing, especially in larger cities. This essay will present the most likely causes behind this problem and go on the give some appropriate solutions.

Scientists claim that the increased number of people using cars, deforestation to build cities and the lack of education about environmental issues are the main reasons for the significant rise in pollution. A recent study from Holland’s Environment Society shows a positive correlation between the number of people using cars and the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere in 2014 and 2015. It is therefore evident that rising population levels coupled with personal vehicle ownership is a leading cause of pollution since population density is at its highest levels in major cities.

Some countries have adopted some important changes that have made a significant difference. The first thing recommended by scientists is to start with the three "R's" at home, which means that we should Reduce, Reuse and Recycle our waste. Secondly, it is also important to educate society in using more public transport in order to reduce CO2 gases in the atmosphere. Thirdly, it is generally believe by scientists and environmentalists that the payment of road usage fees in some large cities where the levels of pollutions are dangerous is a necessary incentive for drivers in order to reduce the number of cars on the road

In my opinion, I completely agree with the importance of changing social behaviour, and I believe that politicians should invest more money and spend more time teaching and demonstrating the positive effects of taking care of our planet.

Two Essays

Some people say that in all levels of education from primary schools to universities too much time is spent on learning facts and not enough on learning practical skills.

Do you agree or disagree?

Many believe that formal education overly emphasizes imparting abstract knowledge and information rather than practical skills. Personally, I agree with the statement and this essay will analyze my viewpoint using a recent survey conducted by the University of Sydney and some practical examples.

Firstly, while it is vital to comprehend fundamental knowledge, the overemphasis placed on theoretical studies has undermined the importance of practical skills. This results in students being unable to articulate their knowledge in practice and makes it difficult to thrive in their practical lives. For illustration, the world has many great leaders: Tony Robbins, Bill Gates and the founder of Alibaba who skipped college but proved to be one of the great leaders of the time. Thus, it can be said that formal education is not definitive in making a better person and a society as a whole.  

Secondly,  modern academia still operates with outdated curricula. Students are thus given the knowledge of various fields which results in information overload.  Students become confused and lose their ambition, and as a result they either shun their studies or waste a major part of their lives studying irrelevant facts which leads to increasing the gap between what the market needs and what academia produces.  For instance, a recent survey by the University of Sydney revealed that over 30% of jobs which required practical skills in the year 2016 were wasted because of the shortage of suitable candidates.  Thus, educational institutions failed to impart practical skills in pupils across every level of study.

In conclusion, I am convinced that traditional education at every level does not promote practical and life skills sufficiently. It is important to educate people by incorporating practical subject matter that is designed according to market needs in school and university curricula.

Your recently attended a meeting at a hotel. When you returned home, you found you left some important papers at the hotel.

Write a letter to the manager of the hotel. In your letter

Say where you think you left the paper

Explain why they are so important

Tel the manager what you wnt him/her to do

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to seek help regarding some of the very important papers which I mistakenly left during my last visit to your hotel on 14th  Nov.

Allow me to explain in more detail; I was part of the organizing committee of the Suncorp meeting this morning from 9:00 to 12:00 in your conference room. I remember that after finishing the meeting we all went to have lunch, leaving  the files on the table. I had to chase another client so I left the room in a rush and could not grab those documents.

That file contains crucial information regarding my company as well as our client. It should have some original payment slips, invoices and our potential client’s details.

I would appreciate if you could look for them immediately and inform me via email or phone on your earliest convenience. If you find it please keep it with you while I make my way to you to pick them up.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,