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There is no shortage of debate regarding whether international marketing is to be considered invasive and intrusive or to be deemed as a crucial means to increase sharing of ideas, languages and culture. While it is true that international marketing often results in the closure of domestic businesses, this essay advocates it as the best way to reach a fairer and more united world. Both views shall be discussed in more detail below.

Firstly, there is little doubt that international market constitutes a limit to the authority of the states. This is due to two main factors. First, goods that are sold internationally are always competitors of products manufactured within the state’s borders. This competition often makes impossible for the state to enforce specific policies. For instance a relevant increase in taxation can result in a dramatic decrease of the amount of goods sold which were internally produced because the higher expenses usually drive the country’s producers outside the market. Second it is almost impossible for a state to totally abandon the world’s market. States have already made several attempts in this sense but all of them have failed because their national economies had become soon isolated and unproductive. Therefore it is a matter of facts that a state has to deal with international marketing.

Nevertheless, it is also true that a restriction of a state’s power is not necessarily followed by negative effects. Often consumers heavily benefit from international marketing in various ways. A first beneficial effect of the international sale of goods is that there is a great variety of products readily available which can solve a multitude of purposes. Further, the increased competition among the companies is followed by a general decrease in prices. In addition there are also great benefits which are not immediately related to economic advantages. For instance the possibility to ship different foods globally has made the choice of restaurant wider and more colorful. Despite what was common in the past it is now possible to enjoy several different cuisines while remaining in the same city. This helped not only to create awareness of healthier diets but also increased the overall ability to appreciate different cultures.

To sum up, while it is clear that a state must face the issue of international marketing it also true that this phenomenon has clearly displayed several beneficial effects and thus it is inappropriate to unilaterally condemn it.

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