Education and Spending!

Traditional schooling is out of date, boring and stifles a child’s natural talents, various professionals have pushed for an education revolution. Are there alternatives in the education system? Is traditional education doing more harm than good?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Although many conservative people say that conventional schools are beneficial to society, I believe that the educational system needs modernization as many students find it uninteresting and suppressing of their natural proclivities. In this essay I will discuss both points using examples from Canadian schools  and  Jordan.

The teacher centered educational method is sometimes tedious for students as it failing to engage them in the learning process and resultantly stifles their skills. The  result is that many students have low academic abilities and poor exam results. For example, a recent study by the government of Jordan in 2012 found that 70% of students who finish high school have low final grades. Therefore, the conventional method of teaching has a negative impact on the professional future of students and on society in general.

The modern educational system could adapt new technology to create a fun environment that makes student eager to come to school and enjoy learning. By introducing the internet and digital media into schools, students will learn where to find the right knowledge and how to digest it with help from their teachers. For instance, a study done by the educational board in Canada in 2016  showed that students in schools which use digital programs such as RAZKIDS and Dream box, which help students in reading and learning math, have 50% higher achievement in tests compared to other schools students. As a consequence of creating a more engaging curriculum, student abilities in reading and math improved significantly.

In conclusion, from the example and arguments given, I firmly believe that following an updated educational system would have positive implications for the student’s creative abilities and intellectual capacity. In future, the adaptation of modern educational system into schools will only increase.


Summarise the information by selecting and report in the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. Write at least 150 words.

The three pie charts present data about local authority spending on six areas in three regions of the UK in 2014.

Overall, the largest proportion of spending in all three regions was on leisure and education, whereas spending on social services and community care fluctuated depending on the region. Contributions to environment were almost the same in all regions.

Looking at the details, the largest spending in Derbyshire was on leisure at nearly one third; education comprised one quarter of expenditure, whereas almost nothing was allocated to social services. The other two areas had similar distributions of around 10%. Yorkshire and Lancashire had a broadly similar pattern of spending, whereby allocation for education was just above one third. Leisure’s share stood at around 25%, whereas the other four areas had nearly identical contributions.

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