International Marketing

Marketing on an international basis is considered invasive according to some, while others think that it is essential since it provides an affordable means for education as well as facilitates the spread of new ideas, language and culture. While this essay strongly advocates global marketing, the values of other nations must always be considered. Both viewpoints shall be discussed in more detail below.

People who hold the view that international marketing is intrusive and invasive believe that this type of marketing will result in the exploitation of local resources, especially in underdeveloped and developing countries. These countries have many untapped natural resources owing to the lack of financial means; therefore, multinational companies, through international marketing, try to exploit those resources. Furthermore, it might acquaint those companies with a nation’s internal policies, financial assets, business plans as well as border protection power. If this sort of information leaks, it might either result in the collapse of economic powers or overtaking political powers of a particular country.

On the other hand, it is often believed that international marketing opens up the possibilities to share business ideas among nations. It is beneficial for all nations particularly for those national which lacks financial means to discover and prosperous those ideas. Similarly, it will make other nations who do not have enough economical knowledge, familiar with economical terms such as gross benefit, fluctuation, and peak and fall in the market. Also, the flow of manpower between nations makes it possible to exchange cultural and linguistic terms among nations.

In conclusion, although international marketing may result in the takeover of a country’s political power and natural resources, it also encourages nations to exchange innovative ideas and results in the amalgamation of culture and language.

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