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Some people argue that international marketing negatively affects local markets, but others view it as a necessary tool to explore the cultures of other countries. It is seen as essential to educate people about new ideas and inventions. This essay advocates global marketing, but will discuss how it can be seen as invasive as well as how it is perceived by many as an educational tool.


To begin with, a new product is designed, manufactured and known by marketing at a worldwide level. Global marketing can be in the form of advertising which is shown on many commercial channels on TV and internet search engines. With the information which is supplied, the customers can quickly assess the products' value in a variety of way. Nowadays, people can quickly update themselves on the specific qualifications of the newest technical item such as the iPhone or iPad. This indicates that global adverts help them to make their desire into reality.


In addition, multinational marketing helps to connect people from different cultures. In this regard, it works as an educational tool. These promotions bring knowledge of the culture, language and history of one country to other countries which would otherwise have no access to it. In a USA College’s research about the 20th century’s cultural awareness strategy, it is found that over 70% of respondents have high regard to statics of minority community in Asia such as Mongolia, Malaysia, and Cambodia. It is clear that the diversity of that information is precious and necessary for many people. Doing successful that issue cannot be possible without marketing at the global level.


In conclusion, I believe that international marketing has positive contribution both on individual aspect and societal perspective as a whole. It is foreseen that this will be hugely beneficial to all nation in the coming future.


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