How to learn english fast – Staying motivated

In today’s post I wanted to talk about staying motivated as an english language learner.

As an avid language learner myself, I’ve always struggled to stay motivated for long periods of time to reach fluency in a language. In order to stay focused I’ve had to learn to stay motivated.

It’s my firm belief that motivation and not discipline is the key to short and long term fluency. These are the ways I’ve stayed motivated.

1)Make it emotional!

To learn as quick as you can, you need to make your reasons emotional. For example, saying that you want a better job is not getting emotional. Why you and your family need a better job is a way to get emotional. Why do you need a better job? There are lots of reasons and they all come down to happiness and security. Here are some reasons that one might need a better job.

-You need to provide your family with a safe and secure place to live
-You want to provide your children with a better education
-Your parents are aging and don’t have the meens to support themselves in their older age

2) Give yourself incremental goals

One thing I always do is make definite plans to go to the country where the language is spoken. Each time I visit, I always have a clear goal of what level of fluency I want to have.

The first time I visit, I want to be able to navigate where I’m going comfortably. It is my goal to be able to ask questions about locations and be able to clearly understand the directions that I am receiving. I also want to be able to rent a vehicle, find and check into a hotel and order at restaurants.

The next time I visit I want to be able to have a casual conversation with people about where they live and about their country.

As my wife and I travel frequently, I tend to set shorter goals. But the key is having a goal and a purpose to reach that goal.

3) Make friends online

Another way to keep yourself motivated is to find a friend in your target language. You can communicate with a friend in short text conversations by means of Facebook,  Google + or whatever other social media you use. As you are communicating, you can make use of tools such as Google translate to improve your english or target language and more effectively communicate while building your vocabulary.

4) Learn by means of useful phrases

Now, I brought this up in an earlier post about learning phrases instead of vocabulary and grammar. You will find that your ability to communicate with others will drastically improve. Your vocabulary and grammar will also see a faster improvement.

Those are my ways of staying motivated. Tell me, how do you stay motivated to learn english or other languages?

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