How to use english idioms – The ball is in your court

The ball is in your court…

This means that it is someone’s turn to make a  decision. It is someone’s turn to act. In the game of tennis, when an opponent hits the ball on your side of the court, you need to quickly decide how and where you are going to hit the ball in order to return it to your opponent’s side of the court. This phrase is often used when arguing with an individual or when pressuring someone for a decision. How can you use this phrase?

‘I’ve done all that I can do here, now the ball is in your court

‘My interview seemed to go well, but the ball is in the manager’s court to decide if I’m hired or not.’

‘I told you how I feel about the way you treat me. If you don’t change then I’m going to leave. The ball is in your court!

As mentioned before, the origin of this idiom came from the game of tennis. Though, it has been adopted in other games like basketball.

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