How to use english idioms – To ace something

To ace something…

If someone aced something, it means that they excelled in it. For example, if someone was to get a mark of 100% on a test, they would have ‘aced’ that test. If someone had a successful interview where they answered all of the interviewer’s questions perfectly and then received the job, it could be said that they ‘aced’ their interview. If you were to receive an A+ grade in one of your subjects, you can say ‘I aced that subject!’

There are lots of idioms and expressions that refer to an ace. If you play cards, then you know that in a majority of games, the ace is the highest value card. All expressions that use ‘ace’ in them derive their origins from card games.

Examples of ‘ace’ in them include:

‘An ace up one’s sleeve’
‘Hold all the aces’
‘Come within an ace of something’
‘Ace in the hole’

And there are several more….

If you know of another idiom with ‘ace’ in it, then please share it below in the comments section.