IELTS Writing

The aim of IELTS Writing Test is to analyze your writing skills, which help to determine if you can write aptly and suggest your thoughts in a proper way. Also, it helps to scrutinize one’s knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.

IELTS Writing Time Frame

The IELTS Writing test is concluded for 60 minutes. We suggest you to spend 20 minutes on Task 1 and 40 minutes on Task 2. Since no extra time would be given to complete both the tasks, it is your time management that will decide how effectively you complete both the tasks in period of 60 minutes.

Please notice that the Writing Test includes 2 Tasks, for which you are expected to write minimum 150 words for Task 1 and about 250 words for Task 2.

Note: The word limit mentioned above is minimum. However you can write more if you can and if time allows you. Another important thing to remember is that the test can be different, based on the selection of your module, i.e. either General or Academic Module.

IELTS Academic Writing test

In IELTS Academic Writing Test, you are required to write all the answers for both the tasks in a very formal way.

Task 1: In this task, you will be given either a Graph, Chart or a Diagram. You are required to study the given structure, and then explain what you understood from it. For instance, you might have to describe the Graph, it’s data and everything else that follows up in it. This test basically reflects your knowledge of interpreting the pictorial information in a formal report. You should spend about 20 minutes for this task.

Task 2: In this task, you will be asked to represent your opinion and/or argument about a topic in an organized way. This test reflects your writing skills along with vocabulary power and the power of expressing your views with accuracy.

IELTS General Training Writing test

In IELTS General Training (GT module) Writing Test, you are supposed to complete both the tasks in a less formal way.

Task 1: In this task, you will be asked to write a letter based on a situation. The kind of letter you write depends on the given situation, which means the letter could be either personal, semi-formal or formal.

Task 2: In this task, you will be asked to jot down an essay expressing your thoughts about the given topic. This task offers you freedom to write.

Basic Factor Affecting IELTS Writing Test Score

Rather than Task 1 of IELTS Writing Test, Task 2 holds more prominence in terms of how much you score.

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